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wood pellets

For the packaging of wood pellets, a perfect continuous packaging process in a harsh environment is expected. For this we offer you components with high cycle performance, low maintenance and reliable technology. Depending on requirements, wood pellets can be packed in big bags or bags. Transport safety should be guaranteed, especially when packing in bags. Nothing is more uncomfortable for a customer than a damaged bag.

We guarantee a perfect welding process even in the most adverse conditions or low outside temperatures from the first bag. Guaranteed machine availability when the machines have to produce full load.

packaging solutions

arobatec offers complete solutions for the packaging of wood pellets with the following components:

• Feed hopper and conveyor technology
• screening
• Dosing and weighing technology
• packaging system (bag or BigBag)
• Printer and label technology
• Top or low-level palletizer
• Wrapper or hood stretcher


The above-mentioned components can be implemented individually or as a complete system and installed in a coordinated manner. Together with you, our experts work out the best solution for your product and your requirements, and as a general contractor, arobatec assumes overall responsibility for the overall realization.

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